I would personally like to send a very big thank you for creating an empowering environment for young girls to dance.  Olivia always comes home having been challenged, engaged and included. Most importantly with a smile on her face.
Kim Parsons, 2018

‘Far more than just a dance studio, Kads has become a family environment for our daughter. Guidance and encouragement has blossomed traits such as confidence, friendship and loyalty to name a few that naturally flows through the culture there. Everyone working together with a common goal, the final production (stunning to say the least !!!), is an achievement in itself but the collaboration and support throughout the entire year reveals the true dedication and endurance of the entire Kads family.’

Tim Abraham, 2017

I was at your concert yesterday and enquired straight away 😀 The show was fantastic! I’ve been to many a dance concert and that was by far the best I’ve seen! 
Michelle Lopez, 2017