ROOM EXAMS – Students will be given the opportunity to take part in Jazz, Tap and Ballet examinations with the State Dance Association (SDA). Students will be assessed within their classes for eligibility and will be notified of upcoming examinations. Examinations are held at our studio approximately twice per year, there is a fee for examinations and students will receive a critique, medal and certificate upon successful completion.  Whilst examinations are not compulsory, we encourage all students to participate as it helps to improve strength and technique and ensure the progression of the student to maintain their place in their class.

STAGE EXAMS – Once students reach a certain level in exams they can take part in SDA stage exams.  Students must take private lessons to organise a routine to be performed at the SDA Presentation day held in July.  We believe this provides students in the SDA the opportunity to gain experience dancing solo/s routine/s in either, jazz, tap or classical on stage in front of an audience and examiner. The students gain invaluable exposure in stage performance and etiquette, and build on their experience and confidence as a dancer. The dances are choreographed for the students, by their assigned teacher/choreographer and are required to be performed with full stage make-up and appropriate costumes. The public trophy examinations are assessed by a “Guest” examiner. The examiner assesses the student on their dance performance, technique and stage quality. Every year independent examiners are employed by the SDA, based on their past dance experience and knowledge of the styles of dance being examined on the day. All candidates receive a marked report and trophy. The trophy is presented to each performer by the examiner at the completion of the Trophy Section.